Our Terms of Use

Last modified September 16,2022 with an effective date of September 16, 2022

Who we are

"Kairn", "we" or "us" refers to Kairn Inc., a company registered in Delaware with its registered address located at Corporation Trust Center, 1209 Orange Street, Wilmington, DE 19801, United States.

General provisions
This document describes in what context you can use the website kairn.app (called "our website") as a visitor and/or use the software owned and operated by Kairn (the “Software”).
We advise you to carefully read these terms of service before using our website and to print a copy of it.
By using our website, you agree to the current terms of service and commit to respect it. If you disagree with the terms of service, we advise you to not use our website.
Each clause is different. If one or several of them are or become invalid according to the regulation or to a final court decision, it will not apply to the other rules described below.
We can, if you request so, change or update these terms of service, in order to ensure the content complies with the law.
The data processing from Kairn in the context of the terms of service respects the privacy policy available on our website.
In these terms of service "Software" means a series of software applications, also referred to as the "Kairn" software, developed, owned, and hosted by or on behalf of Kairn, accessible as a SaaS and which is operated by Kairn, as such Software may be changed from time to time.

Modification to the website and/or the Software
We can update the website and/or the Software and modify the content anytime. As a reminder, the update of the information on the website is not mandatory. Therefore it may present a content no longer applicable.
We cannot guarantee that our website or the Software is free from error or omission, or that it will cater your needs and expectations.

Website access
Our website access is free. We cannot guarantee that the information on it will remain the same or will remain available without interruption.
We can postpone, remove or modify the global website or a part of it, anytime without notice. We cannot take responsibility for access problems, for any reason, whatever the duration.
You are responsible to make adequate arrangements to access the website, and to make sure people who access it from your connection are aware of the presence of the terms of service, and agree to respect it.

Intellectual property
All the right related to the intellectual property about our website (in particular the licenses, invention rights, text, images, videos, audio, formatting, graphic design, structure, brands, and other rights of intellectual property - registered or not; requests, renewal or extension of those similar or equivalent rights in every part of the world) is our sole property or third-party rights.
You expressly acknowledge our status (or the one of the identified contributor) of the holder of the entire rights of intellectual property described above.
You are authorised to make some copies of the content of our website for your personal use.
You commit to not change the printed or downloaded copies or to not use any illustration, photograph, video, or other graphic and design without the text that goes with it.You commit to not use commercially any old, current or future content of the website, without receiving prior authorisation.

Content of the website
Information and content available on our website are given for information purposes only.
We do our best to have it up to date. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or the exhaustiveness of the website.

We cannot be responsible in case of loss, damage or expenses, even predictable, because of your use of our website, content available on our website, or inability to use our website.
We cannot be responsible in case of loss, damage resulting from a virus or any other malicious software that could infect your device, current software, or data.
We cannot be responsible in case of loss or damage from the use of third-party content linked with our website since we cannot control those websites.

Website security
We do not guarantee that our website is secure, free from bugs or viruses. It is therefore your responsibility to take all the necessary measures to protect your computer system against any contamination by potential viruses and against any intrusion attempt by third parties.
You also agree not to access or maintain fraudulently on the website, to hinder or alter its operation, in particular by introducing viruses, trojans, worms, logic bombs or any other malicious program and / or likely to cause damage to the website or to infringe Kairn's data. In the event of a violation of this provision, we reserve the right to alert the police, to disclose your identity to them and to block your access to our website.

Following hyperlink
We give you the authorisation to create a link to our homepage as long as the use is for information purpose, and does not create a conflict with a regulation or our notoriety.
You cannot create a link to our homepage in order to suggest whatever partnership with Kairn without our prior authorisation. We reserve the right to remove anytime our authorisation to create a link to our homepage.
Our website can features links and resources to third-parties. We made them available for your information only. As long as we cannot control the content of those websites, we cannot be responsible for the content available that redirects to third-parties websites, or any content available that mention or redirects to our website.

Acceptable use policy
All content posted in the Software (including portion thereof dedicated to any customer account) including any document or communication occurring through the services proposed by Kairn (“Content”) is posted under your sole responsibility as the case may be, subject to your recourse against the person actually posting such Content.
No-one may use the services proposed by Kairn (the “Services”) with the intention or the effect, of violating or circumventing any rule of mandatory application, or for any purpose which is obviously not intended by the Services.
By way of example, and without limitation to the generality of the above condition of use, access to any of the Services is predicated on the assumption that the user of the services agree not to:
- access, send, receive, display, perform, disclose, store, or execute any content a) in violation of any copyright, right of publicity, patent, trademark, service mark, trade name, trade secret or other intellectual property right, b) in violation of any applicable agreement;
- communicate with Kairn representatives or other users in an abusive or offensive manner;
- disseminate wrong information or documents with bad faith;
- introduce or activate any viruses, worms, harmful code and/or Trojan horses;create or transmit unwanted ‘spam’ to any person or any URL;
- use any robot, spider, scraper or other automated means to access the services for any purpose without Kairn's prior and express written permission;
- take any action that imposes disproportionately large load on our infrastructure;
- interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of the website of Kairn or its services;
- attempt to bypass any measures that Kairn may use to prevent or restrict access to its services or the security of the data that Kairn stores and processes;
- hold Kairn up to public scorn or ridicule;
- claim any right of intellectual property or of any other nature on Kairn's website (or any component thereof) and trademark; or
- otherwise use such services for any purpose (including posting or viewing Content) that is not permitted under the laws of the jurisdiction where the Services are used.

Applicable law
The current term of service is subject to French Law, and any dispute resulting, will be submitted to the competent courts of France.