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Validate your PMF with Maze

Maze is one of the best tools to test products with users so when they write how to validate your PMF you can follow their tips!

Template product prototype with Maze

10 Zaps Ops love by HubSpot

Zapier enables you to create workflows between your favorite tools. Here are some useful workflows you can build to increase your team’s productivity!

Template 10 zaps people love with hubspot

3,000+ users with $0 by Pierre @Claap

Replicate how Pierre, the marketing founder of Claap got thousands of users by nailing your positioning.

Template Get 3000 users with Claap

Build a strong culture with a hybrid team by Jurnee

Jurnee the platform to plan your team’s events describes how to build a strong company culture for hybrid teams.

Jurnee loves Kairn

Rock your UX writing with Guy Ligertwood

Learn the best practice of product UX Writing to engage your users throughout your product!

Guy Ligertwood loves Kairn

Build a brand people love by Moosend

From positioning to writing, all the steps to go through for a great brand building.

Get your 1,000 first members by Joseph Quan @Knoetic

Learn how Joseph turned his product by leveraging community power to reach product market fit

Set up Figma for a new feature by Matthew Jedraszczyk

Best practice to super charge Figma's productive power. Repeat when starting a new feature ♻️

Onboard remote employee by the Kairn Team ☺️

Step by step guide to rock your remote onboarding. Repeat for each new arrival 👋

Ultimate SEO checks by Dave Schools (#2 @Hopin)

Rock your SEO and marketing set up built inspired by Dave's story on r/Entrepreneur

Open source your Github repo checks by Exequiel  @Binbash

The 18 steps checklist to pass before open sourcing your Github Repo

Grow your Twitter following by x100 @Aadith Sheth

"Twitter account is worth more than your degree. Here are 10 unique ways to turn Twitter into a crazy valuable asset" let's see 👀

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People are loving Kairn!

eFounders loves Kairn

I love how I can click on a task’s Notion link directly from Kairn. It saves me from searching everywhere and auto updates. Kairn frees up precious time in my day.

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Sarah Barron

Content Ops Manager

Collective loves Kairn

I use Kairn everyday to balance the day with all projects and share priorities with the team.


Rémi Lauer

Lead Growth

actiondesk loves Kairn

Kairn helps me stay on top of every thing I need to do in a simple and efficient manner

memoji 3

Louis Adam

Chief of Staff

Unflow loves Kairn

Between calls, follow ups, and random ideas that pop into my head as the day goes on, Kairn has become my must have to keep busy days organised.


Romy Lynch

Co-founder & CEO

Foodcheri loves Kairn

With Kairn, we’ve centralized the team's tasks and it’s made our discussions and priorities more structured. Boards and views help us ensure an exceptional level of service to our internal and external customers.

memoji 1

Laurent Partouche

Head of Product & CS

Trusty loves Kairn

Your OPT + CMD + K has simply changed my life.


Edouard Peyruseigt

Co-founder & CEO

Staycation loves Kairn

I've been using Kairn for months and it's become a must have in my day to keep everything in check


Mathieu Dugast


Clef de Voute loves Kairn

Kairn has become the crucial app I open in the morning to start and structure my day.


Timothé Frin

Podcast Host